Anticrisis Lab21 is a platform comprising efficient solutions capable of overcoming the crisis in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. We aspire to see that society, businesses, countries, and cities not simply overcoming the crisis but accelerating and becoming stronger before 2021. 

The problems that companies are currently facing are diverse, starting with the maladaptation of the medical system, the insufficiency of the technological equipment, the conservatism of the teaching methods in education, the poorly developed logistics, the low population incomes, the high costs incurred by the business environment, the non-adaptation of policies. state to current needs etc.

All solutions can be utilized by European countries, cities, and companies to ensure that the crisis would not become the end of the world but the opportunity to evolve.



When applying, you are welcome to suggest your solution for any problem, as an idea or the prototype. 

Whether it is a business project or volunteer initiative – it doesn’t matter until your idea positively affects society. 

Also, you can join the existing team and complement it with your expertise.


Teams get into intense online incubation with professional mentors.

In 1 week the teams are complemented with acquired competencies (IT, designers, developers, engineers, medics and other experts).

The teams are working on the first prototype and the pitchdeck.


Once per week (or more frequently if necessary), all the participants would be pitching their ideas to the jury in online mode.

Among our mentors, there are experts from the Ukrainian Startup Fund, YEP, CISCO, ERC, OKKO, TechUkraine, Radar Tech, and the government.


In case some projects meet our expectations and provide real solutions for overcoming social problems during the crisis, or have a great potential to become a successful startups, we will provide necessary for implementation resources.


Companies, organizations, and municipalities are welcome to provide their own challenges to solve here:

If you have any questions, please contact us by


Leaders of the innovation community, who will judge your projects and help to make them real.

Andriy Zaikin

Founder and CEO at YEP

Pavlo Kartashov

Director of Innovation Development Fund

Viorica Cerbușca

Director at Artcor – Center for Creative Industries, Co-founder Yep!Moldova, Founder Nika Generation

Sergey Martynchuk

General manager CIS7 at Cisco

Alexandr Zharikov

Managing Partner at BlackBox accelerator, Co-Founder at Open Innovation Platform REACTOR.UA

Nataly Veremeeva

Program Office Director at TechUkraine

Olexander Liashenko

Vice President of Information Technologies and Business Processes at the PJSC “Galnaftogaz Concern”